Friday, April 10, 2009

Is there anything better than waking up to a sale? If your life revolves around art and ETSY, then the answer is probably No. I sold Speed Racer this morning, and it made my Friday :)

It's strange that when I become discouraged about my jewelry, that's usually when I sell something. Yesterday, and all this week really, I was down and out and not feeling creative in the least. I refused to get my supplies out because I felt like it was just a waste of time. I hate that I allow myself to feel that way, but I suppose it's just a part of life. I let my lack of confidence get in the way of doing something that I really love, something that makes me very happy and proud of myself. Creating becomes a chore when I'm in my discouraged moods, and that's not how it should be!

The sale of one necklace is enough to keep me going though, and now I want to create more! On average, I make 5 new necklaces for every 1 I sell, which is a pretty good system!

Lesson to learn: Keep that confidence up and NEVER let creativity become a chore. Use your God-given talents to create and appreciate the wonderful world of art!